A mission statement and explanation of my project.

Mission or purpose

It is my goal to make the site communicate with children aged 13-18. The intention is to make them aware of the importance of physical movement and also what they eat, and what the nutrition in this food does in their bodies. 

The mission is to give children a choice in a world where they in an increasing fashion is being pushed down a path that leads to unhealthy lifestyles. It is a fact that both public and private education institutions are decreasing hours spent on educating this these subjects, and also that an increasing amount of parents don't have the required knowledge to inform children about what you eat is being a choice. 

Short and long term goals

The short term goal is to provide an easy to understand interface for learning about nutrition and movement. 

The long term goal is to get the site's content verified by professionals and to extend the scope of the site and reach to include interactive tools that can contribute to the learning effect of the site. Such tools might be an interactive bot you can chat with to get answers, a forum like service for discussion with peers, and small games underlining the principles established by the site.

Intended audiences

The site will target children who have yet their education and that are enrolled in a school system where sufficient information about the system might be limited. It is intended for young children of all genders to use this as a complimentary service to the education they're already receiving and also as a self-study service. 

Why will people come to the web site? 

It's a free informative website openly available on the internet. People will come not come to my site because they feel blame or shame for being unhealthy, but because they are curious and interested in knowing how we are intended to live.  

Why would people first visit the site?

Nutritional information in a historical perspective has not been easily accessible for children. Even though the audience of this site will be in their early to late teens, it is not said these students know enough science to know whats going on and why our bodies need certain nutrients. They will come to this site because it will provide accurate information in a form that is easily understandable for their age group.

Why would people return to the site?

They will come back because of no matter what, this stuff is hard to remember, and there are many facts to remember! The videos and activities will also provide some degree of entertainment, and one might find this fun enough to return to the site.