The idea

An e-learning platform aimed at 13-18-year-old students teaching them the history and importance of proper eating habits and other health related issues. 

For years, physical activity and the state of one's body has been neglected by both private and public school curricula all over the world* This project takes aim at giving students an insight into how important it is for them to live a healthy life. Based on scientific evidence, the site will be built upon known principles of physical and mental wellness. Creating a site like this, it is important to keep in mind that we should not tell others how to live their lives but to give them the right tools to guide them in the right direction. The right direction being scientifically backed facts.

The design

Taking aim at delivering a multi-platform experience, I want to provide a modern learning environment using a design language that is clear and precise (design document and a visual guide to follow). The site will draw inspiration from sites like headspace and, and present the content through parts of Google's material design standard. 

The technical

Our lecturer gave us the option to choose web stack our self, so I'm contemplating whether to go for a react - meteor, or react - firebase stack, instead of the provided PHP stack. React.js is a view layer library that can display and refresh data without reloading the whole page. What's nice about a library like react is that you are free to choose the rest of your stack, it is framework agnostic and hence works with almost all possible combinations of libraries and frameworks out there. "Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript platform for developing web and mobile applications"**. Meteor makes it easier to get started on an idea and to develop in an agile environment, mainly by allowing you to develop your entire stack in the javascript language. Your business logic, server and client side scripts, database and database calls, and view layer all in JavaScript. Meteor is available on Linux, macOS and Windows systems, and in some cases available for ARM devices such as the Raspberry Pi. This was earlier done through a fork of the meteor project called meteor-universal, which now sits almost 2300 commits behind the fork-origin. 

Firebase is a google IAAS, that you can use for pretty much everything in your application. It gives you several products that you can mix and match the needs of your application, the two product categories include: "Build and Test your app" and "grow and engage your audience". As far as I'm concerned, using firebase would still meet the crieteria for this project, as the desciption states that we need to authenticate data with a server and to control pagination through a router. 


* The State and Status of Physical Education in Schools in International Context
Published 2000

** Description of meteor framework
Retrieved 25/07/17